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Descriptive files from the source distribution
copyright (c) 2005--2007, LLC  Columbus, OH
GPL version 3 or later, see COPYING for details

The Trading Shim is a command-line and dbms controlled interface to
Interactive Brokers' tws socket api.  It provides us with a data-intensive
vehicle for research into minimal mode mixed-paradigm (m^3) programming
using C++.

I hope the resulting software is of value to you, whether you are interested
in the application domain, or the software engineering techniques I have used
to control program complexity.  Those techniques extend the implementation
work done as part of my doctoral dissertation, "Optimizing Threads of
Computation in Constraint Logic Programs,", in particular by demonstrating
a non-trivial instance of the single-tree pattern, whereby all singleton
types are parameterized and then stratified by their binding pattern.

The top level directories here are:

src: C++ application domain source and header files
lib: C++ container and other component source and header files
sql: scripts and other data used to set up the trading-shim database
exs: example scripts with which to run the shim
bin: other short, simple auxiliary scripts
doc: the documentation: sources and other files used to build the manual
www: the manual, as html, and as it is available online
dep: ignore this, it's for the Makefile's benefit, not of interest to humans 

The web site is at:

There are two lists, ts-announce and ts-general, and you may subscribe to
them at:

A bugtracker is freely available at:

We strongly encourage its use.  While mailing list reports are useful, a formal
bug report which provides a reproducing case of the bug is even better.  The
reporter, and optionally other people who add themselves to the 'cc' list on
the bug, will get email notification as debugging progresses and the bug is

In any case, please understand that while bug reports are a valued input
to our road-map planning, mailing list postings are not formally tracked --
that is what the bugtracker is for, after all -- and if you do not report
bugs through the bugtracker, they may well be overlooked.

See the INSTALL file as well as the manual for notes on how to install and
run the trading shim.  The NEWS file and mailing list archives are also well
worth reading; each provides its own window on the history of shim feature

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