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The NEWS file describes the completion of past ROADMAP goals.  As
of this writing --- feb 2010 --- remaining major roadmap goals of
current interest include the following:

    1.  continued improvements in memory management;

    2.  multiple and current api level support;

    3.  addition of PostgreSQL support, and de-emphasis of mysql use;

    4.  dynamic contract symbol collection;

    5.  improvements to the command language syntax and semantics; and

    6.  completion of the tutorial and reference manual.

The first item above is almost complete, the third may be influenced
by the external events, and the others may well follow in sequence order.

Note that, however, that the list above is in no way shape or form a
commitment on the part of to actually implement
or deliver these features.  After all, the trading-shim is free software.

Other major features for which planning is less certain focus more
on improving the ways in which clients might *use* the shim, e.g.:

    improvements to the Ruby sample client;
    glue code for an R connector;
    dynamically linked strategy class objects; or
    SWIG bindings;

Each of the above downstream-focused features is very much speculative
in nature, and they do not yet have any particular priority in our
planning process.

For users concerned about the planning priority for any of the 
above features, or for that matter, others as well, post to the
list if you're curious. 

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