[ts-gen] Compilation on Debian

Bill Pippin pippin at owlriver.net
Tue Aug 12 14:07:13 EDT 2008

An off-list user asked about compilation on Debian:

> ... I get several error messages that make me think that I must
> need something else [besides Mysql and Ruby] ...

> src/../lib/seq_pair.h: At global scope:
> src/../lib/seq_pair.h:19: error: declaration of ‘typedef const struct
> MinimalModeMultiParadigm::OneWayList::List<T>
> MinimalModeMultiParadigm::OneWayList::Pair<T>::List’
> src/../lib/components.h:42: error: changes meaning of ‘List’ from
> ‘struct MinimalModeMultiParadigm::OneWayList::List<T>’

You may well have all the packages you need; instead, the problem
seems to be with your version of g++, which is newer than the
one we use on Centos, which follows RHEL.

You are probably using Debian, and right now the shim doesn't
compile on that platform.  The version of g++ there is newer than
on my development system, and the error messages you've sent
indicate that this newer version of g++ has tighter typechecking
for templates.  Fixing this is on my list of things to do,
probably this week.  I'll post a message there when I've dealt
with the problem. 

With much thanks for your bug report,


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