[ts-gen] cross session orders, client ids

Nils Gebhardt mail at ngebhardt.de
Thu Dec 18 16:32:59 EST 2008


> Looking at our ftp site, the tarball isn't there yet, but hopefully
> it'll show up within the hour.

I just noticed that I sended meaningless output with the version
12172008 and a database beeing out of sync (?) - 
now here, with database update from 12172008 and shim executable from

n at gb07:$ ./shim --risk save

          The trading shim has connected to the database server
          and loaded 51649 products; 
Text:     0
Read:     2   2  10

Text:     0
Read:     3   1  10
connected to the IB tws as
          client id  8; 
Text:     0
Read:    68  16  10
Time: 1 Open Open
Time: 1 Status Status
Time: 1 nil

Problem: 524 could not obtain IB account info at startup



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