[ts-gen] trading-shim installation

pippin at owlriver.net pippin at owlriver.net
Tue Dec 30 14:10:00 EST 2008


With respect to your ubuntu install:

> ...  I got lost somewhere in the middle of setting up mysql
> database.  Here is the output of 'make shim'.   Did I miss
> anything here?

  ... (many warnings deleted) ...

> (cd obj; g++ -g -o  ../shim main.o once.o bind.o mode.o ...
> type.o tabs.o syms.o init.o link.o open.o late.o fsms.o ...
> unit.o perm.o shim.o fill.o wait.o time.o read.o ctor.o ...
> wire.o post.o past.o echo.o form.o tick.o task.o name.o ...
> envs.o else.o scan.o hash.o text.o wrap.o inet.o pool.o ...
> -L/usr/lib/mysql -lmysqlclient -lm)

When you see the list of sources, you've reached the link
stage, so even though there were lots of warnings earlier during
compilation, the build may well have succeeded.  The make step is
expected to build a shim executable, and is distinct from setting
up the database.  That's done with scripts in the sql subdirectory
of the directory where you unpacked the sources.

First, though, since you ask about the make step; is there an
executable file shim in the unpack directory?  In other words,
if your unpack directory is, e.g., shim-081224, then is there
an executable file shim-081224/shim ?  If so, the build step

Now, about the database.  You'll need to run the sql/setup.sql
script, while in that directory, and with mysql admin privileges.  
For details, see the manual; although it is otherwise incomplete,
the installation section goes into great detail about database

By all means ask here on the list if you have database setup problems,
and in that case make sure to post related screen scrapes or other
status messages.  As it stands at this point, the make output has
nothing to do with database setup, so I'm not sure what problems if
any you are seeing; I need more info to see if something has gone



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