[ts-general] IBC and sources

Richard Pruss ricpruss at gmail.com
Thu Sep 15 07:29:06 EDT 2011

So I got a little cognitively stuck with the database structure. Figure 8.2 in the external documentation is ancient and did not provide the clue I need.
I was thinking about build a pretty view interface on HistoryBar.

At the top of an access page into HistoryBar, I was thinking about list the instruments with active history and providing drill down from there.  For that list I was thinking of providing the addition information from the instrument detail tables.

The problem is getting from the IBC in the HistoryBar table, to the instrument details in the Source, FutSrc and OpSrc tables.

Is there some magic that I can use to go to the correct table from the information provided HistoryBar?

Or any guesses, at how to go about this?

- Ric

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