[ts-general] Problem(s) 403 and 524 - shim..start - possible fix

Paul paul.analytic at gmail.com
Wed Sep 5 04:16:02 EDT 2012

On Tue, Sep 04, 2012 at 11:03:31PM -0400, John Cawley wrote:
> Paul,
> i can confirm that your fix worked for me and shim-101126 is running in x64
> CentOS 6.3.  Was your contribution made as a user, or do you have an "official"
> role supporting the shim?  Either way, thank you.


I'm pleased it works for you too, thanks for confirming that.  No, I
have no connection with the trading shim, except as a user.  I'm not
familiar enough with the code to extend it as the developers would
have done (and extract the list of accounts), but I've managed to
consume the unexpected tws message so that the shim can carry on it's
way and start up normally. I may take another look at in a couple of
> Another question: between the mailing list archives, Google, and your posts I
> was able to address the half dozen or so tweaks needed to get it running.   Has
> anyone put those changes in one post?  I'll offer if it hasn't already been
> done.

I'm not aware of a post that details all the changes, but it would
obviously be useful.  In case it helps: In addition to the patches to src/,
I'm aware of changes to sql/setup.sql, sql/table.sql, data-100614/*,
/etc/mysql/my.cnf [debian], /etc/hosts [if tws pop-up problem], and
possibly ~/.shimrc to set some variables [ApiLevel=47 for me, default
is 23].  There's probably others.



> Regards,
> John

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